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78 definitions found for Umbilicaria

Umbilicaria belongs to:

Umbilicaria consists of:
Umbilicaria anthracina
Umbilicaria arctica
Umbilicaria coriacea
Umbilicaria corrugata
Umbilicaria crinita
Umbilicaria crustulosa
Umbilicaria cylindrica
Umbilicaria decussata
Umbilicaria deusta
Umbilicaria erosa
Umbilicaria exasperata
Umbilicaria flocculosa
Umbilicaria glabra
Umbilicaria grisea
Umbilicaria hirsuta
Umbilicaria hyperborea
Umbilicaria mammulata
Umbilicaria miniata
Umbilicaria muehlenbergii
Umbilicaria murina
Umbilicaria nylanderiana
Umbilicaria pellita
Umbilicaria polyphylla
Umbilicaria polyrrhiza
Umbilicaria proboscidea
Umbilicaria propagulifera
Umbilicaria pustulata
Umbilicaria rigida
Umbilicaria spodochroa
Umbilicaria subglabra
Umbilicaria tornata
Umbilicaria torrefacta
Umbilicaria varia f. congregata
Umbilicaria varia f. denudata
Umbilicaria varia f. exasperata
Umbilicaria varia f. lacera
Umbilicaria varia f. monophylla
Umbilicaria varia f. sulcata
Umbilicaria varia var. arctica
Umbilicaria varia var. deusta
Umbilicaria varia var. erosa
Umbilicaria varia var. flocculosa
Umbilicaria varia var. grisea
Umbilicaria varia var. hyperborea
Umbilicaria varia var. polyphylla
Umbilicaria varia var. proboscidea
Umbilicaria vellea
Umbillicaria angulata
Umbillicaria aprina
Umbillicaria arctica
Umbillicaria caroliniana
Umbillicaria cinereorufescens
Umbillicaria crustulosa
Umbillicaria cylindrica
Umbillicaria decussata
Umbillicaria deusta
Umbillicaria havaasii
Umbillicaria hirsuta
Umbillicaria hyperborea
Umbillicaria krascheninnikovii
Umbillicaria lambii
Umbillicaria leiocarpa
Umbillicaria lyngei
Umbillicaria mammulata
Umbillicaria muehlenbergii
Umbillicaria nylanderiana
Umbillicaria phaea
Umbillicaria polyphylla
Umbillicaria polyrrhiza
Umbillicaria proboscidea
Umbillicaria rigida
Umbillicaria scholanderi
Umbillicaria terrefacta
Umbillicaria vellea
Umbillicaria virginis

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