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28 definitions found for Trypethelium

Trypethelium belongs to:

Trypethelium consists of:
Trypethelium aeneum
Trypethelium ceratinum
Trypethelium cinnabarinum
Trypethelium cruentum
Trypethelium cumingii
Trypethelium eluteriae
Trypethelium epileucodes
Trypethelium gregale
Trypethelium infuscatulum
Trypethelium madreporiforme
Trypethelium mastoideum
Trypethelium medians
Trypethelium meristosporum
Trypethelium oligocarpum
Trypethelium pallidum
Trypethelium papillatum
Trypethelium papillosum
Trypethelium planum
Trypethelium pyrenuloides
Trypethelium sordidescens
Trypethelium subplanum
Trypethelium tropicum var. tropicum
Trypethelium umbilicatum
Trypethelium variolosum

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