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61 definitions found for Stericta

Stericta belongs to:

Stericta consists of:
Stericta aeruginosa
Stericta alnotha
Stericta angulosa
Stericta angustalis
Stericta apicalis
Stericta asopialis
Stericta astigmatalis
Stericta atkinsoni
Stericta atribasalis
Stericta basalis
Stericta basilaris
Stericta bryomima
Stericta callibrya
Stericta canutusa
Stericta capnotila
Stericta caradjai
Stericta carbonalis
Stericta carneotincta
Stericta centralis
Stericta concisella
Stericta congenitalis
Stericta corticalis
Stericta costigeralis
Stericta divitalis
Stericta dohrni
Stericta evanescens
Stericta flammealis
Stericta flavopuncta
Stericta gelechiella
Stericta honei
Stericta ignebasalis
Stericta inconcisa
Stericta indistincta
Stericta inuncta
Stericta japonica
Stericta klossi
Stericta kogii
Stericta lactealis
Stericta leucodesma
Stericta leucozonalis
Stericta lophocepsalis
Stericta loxochlaena
Stericta mediovialis
Stericta nolasca
Stericta olivialis
Stericta palmistalis
Stericta phanerostola
Stericta phereciusalis
Stericta philobrya
Stericta plumbifloccalis
Stericta prasina
Stericta pyraliata
Stericta rubroviridis
Stericta rurealis
Stericta sectilis
Stericta sinuosa
Stericta streptomela
Stericta subviridalis
Stericta suspensalis
Stericta trissosticha

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