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24 definitions found for Staurothele

Staurothele belongs to:

Staurothele consists of:
Staurothele arctica
Staurothele areolata
Staurothele bacilligera
Staurothele caesia
Staurothele catalepta
Staurothele clopima
Staurothele clopimoides
Staurothele ebbonensis
Staurothele fissa
Staurothele frustulenta
Staurothele geoica
Staurothele guestphalica
Staurothele hymenogonia
Staurothele innata
Staurothele pallidipora
Staurothele rufa
Staurothele rugulosa
Staurothele rupifraga
Staurothele septentrionalis
Staurothele succedens
Staurothele umbrina
Staurothele ventosa

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