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23 definitions found for Selagia

Selagia belongs to:

Selagia consists of:
Selagia albipunctella
Selagia argyrella
Selagia aurella
Selagia biriviella
Selagia declaratella
Selagia disclusella
Selagia dissimilella
Selagia griseolella
Selagia isabellella
Selagia janthinella
Selagia jolanella
Selagia manoi
Selagia myella
Selagia nigrella
Selagia orichalcella
Selagia saltuella
Selagia spadicella
Selagia striatella
Selagia subochrella
Selagia uralensis
Selagia zelicella
Selagia zernyi

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