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38 definitions found for Scutellinia

Scutellinia belongs to:

Scutellinia consists of:
Scutellinia ampullacea
Scutellinia armatospora
Scutellinia ascoboloides
Scutellinia asperior
Scutellinia barlae
Scutellinia cejpii
Scutellinia cervorum
Scutellinia citrina
Scutellinia crinita
Scutellinia crucipila
Scutellinia decipiens
Scutellinia erinaceus
Scutellinia grandis
Scutellinia hinnulea
Scutellinia hirta
Scutellinia kerguelensis
Scutellinia legaliae
Scutellinia macrospora
Scutellinia minor
Scutellinia minutella
Scutellinia mirabilis
Scutellinia nympharum
Scutellinia olivascens
Scutellinia paludicola
Scutellinia patagonica
Scutellinia pseudotrechispora
Scutellinia pseudoumbrarum
Scutellinia scutellata
Scutellinia setosa
Scutellinia stenosperma
Scutellinia subhirtella
Scutellinia superba
Scutellinia trechispora
Scutellinia umbrata
Scutellinia umbrorum
Scutellinia vitellina

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