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62 definitions found for Rhizoctonia

Rhizoctonia belongs to:

Rhizoctonia consists of:
Rhizoctonia aderholdii
Rhizoctonia alpina
Rhizoctonia anaticula
Rhizoctonia anomala
Rhizoctonia asparagi
Rhizoctonia bataticola
Rhizoctonia betae
Rhizoctonia borealis
Rhizoctonia callae
Rhizoctonia carotae
Rhizoctonia centrifuga
Rhizoctonia cerealis
Rhizoctonia choussii
Rhizoctonia crocorum
Rhizoctonia dichotoma
Rhizoctonia dimorpha
Rhizoctonia endophytica var. endophytica
Rhizoctonia endophytica var. filicata
Rhizoctonia ferruginea
Rhizoctonia floccosa
Rhizoctonia fragariae
Rhizoctonia fraxini
Rhizoctonia fumigata
Rhizoctonia fusca
Rhizoctonia globularis
Rhizoctonia goodyerae-repentis
Rhizoctonia gossypii
Rhizoctonia gossypii var. anatolica
Rhizoctonia hiemalis
Rhizoctonia lamellifera
Rhizoctonia lanuginosa
Rhizoctonia leguminicola
Rhizoctonia macrosclerotia
Rhizoctonia medicaginis
Rhizoctonia melongenae
Rhizoctonia menthae
Rhizoctonia microsclerotia
Rhizoctonia mucoroides
Rhizoctonia muneratii
Rhizoctonia napaeae
Rhizoctonia oryzae
Rhizoctonia oryzae-sativae
Rhizoctonia pini-insignis
Rhizoctonia potomacensis
Rhizoctonia quercus
Rhizoctonia ramicola
Rhizoctonia repens
Rhizoctonia rubi
Rhizoctonia rubiae
Rhizoctonia rubiginosa
Rhizoctonia silvestris
Rhizoctonia solani
Rhizoctonia stahlii
Rhizoctonia tuliparum
Rhizoctonia versicolor
Rhizoctonia violacea
Rhizoctonia zeae

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