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36 definitions found for Psorosa

Psorosa belongs to:

Psorosa consists of:
Psorosa africana
Psorosa amphipyrrha
Psorosa antelia
Psorosa bifasciata
Psorosa bifiliferalis
Psorosa bivitella
Psorosa brephiella
Psorosa clarella
Psorosa dahliella
Psorosa debilis
Psorosa decolorella
Psorosa disticta
Psorosa elbursella
Psorosa farinosella
Psorosa ferrugatella
Psorosa flammealis
Psorosa flavifasciella
Psorosa gelinella
Psorosa lacteomarginata
Psorosa luteostrigella
Psorosa majorella
Psorosa maraschella
Psorosa mechedella
Psorosa mediterranella
Psorosa myrmidonella
Psorosa nucleolella
Psorosa ochrifasciella
Psorosa opimella
Psorosa predotai
Psorosa proleucalis
Psorosa segalella
Psorosa strictella
Psorosa taishanella
Psorosa tergestella
Psorosa tochalella

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