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36 definitions found for Polyocha

Polyocha belongs to:

Polyocha consists of:
Polyocha achromatella
Polyocha anerastiodes
Polyocha anomalella
Polyocha bifidella
Polyocha calamistis
Polyocha carnatella
Polyocha costella
Polyocha cremoricosta
Polyocha depressella
Polyocha detritella
Polyocha diversella
Polyocha epischniella
Polyocha ereboctena
Polyocha erythrinella
Polyocha exilicosta
Polyocha flagrantella
Polyocha foucarti
Polyocha fuscicostella
Polyocha largella
Polyocha monochromella
Polyocha neuropterella
Polyocha nigribasalis
Polyocha ornatella
Polyocha plinthochroa
Polyocha pulverealis
Polyocha rhodesiae
Polyocha saccharella
Polyocha sanguifusalis
Polyocha sanguinariella
Polyocha stipella
Polyocha strigivenella
Polyocha subfasciatella
Polyocha tricoloralis
Polyocha venosa
Polyocha vesculella

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