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36 definitions found for Plectosphaera

Plectosphaera belongs to:

Plectosphaera consists of:
Plectosphaera actinodaphnes
Plectosphaera amphidyma
Plectosphaera astragali
Plectosphaera atractina
Plectosphaera banksiae
Plectosphaera barringtoniae
Plectosphaera bersamae
Plectosphaera clarae-bonae
Plectosphaera cryptomeriae
Plectosphaera eleocharidis
Plectosphaera embeliae
Plectosphaera ephedrae
Plectosphaera euryae
Plectosphaera flagellariae
Plectosphaera fragariae
Plectosphaera ingae
Plectosphaera kobresiae
Plectosphaera manaosensis
Plectosphaera memecyli
Plectosphaera microsticta
Plectosphaera phyllodii
Plectosphaera polypodii
Plectosphaera populina
Plectosphaera quadraspora
Plectosphaera rhynchosporae
Plectosphaera rhytismophila
Plectosphaera rosae
Plectosphaera salicis
Plectosphaera sanguinea
Plectosphaera selaginellae
Plectosphaera selenipediifolii
Plectosphaera sonneratiae
Plectosphaera spartii
Plectosphaera yakusimensis

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