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200 definitions found for Pertusaria

Pertusaria belongs to:

Pertusaria consists of:
Pertusaria aberrans
Pertusaria alaskensis
Pertusaria albescens
Pertusaria alboaspera
Pertusaria alpina
Pertusaria amara
Pertusaria amarescens
Pertusaria amblyogona
Pertusaria amnicola
Pertusaria aquilonia
Pertusaria arborea
Pertusaria areolata
Pertusaria arizonica
Pertusaria asiana
Pertusaria aspergilla
Pertusaria atra
Pertusaria atromaculata
Pertusaria barbatica
Pertusaria borealis
Pertusaria boweniana
Pertusaria brachyspora
Pertusaria bryontha
Pertusaria bryophaga
Pertusaria californica
Pertusaria carneolutea
Pertusaria carneopallida
Pertusaria ceuthocarpa f. microstictica
Pertusaria ceuthocarpa var. variolosa
Pertusaria ceuthocarpoides
Pertusaria ceylonica
Pertusaria chiodectonoides
Pertusaria chionea
Pertusaria chioneodes
Pertusaria chloropolia var. planiuscula
Pertusaria cicatricosa
Pertusaria clarkeana
Pertusaria coccodes
Pertusaria colliculosa
Pertusaria communis
Pertusaria commutata
Pertusaria complanata
Pertusaria concreta
Pertusaria confusa
Pertusaria coniophora
Pertusaria consanguinea
Pertusaria consocians
Pertusaria copiosa
Pertusaria corallina
Pertusaria coriacea
Pertusaria coronata
Pertusaria crassa
Pertusaria cucurbitula
Pertusaria dactylina
Pertusaria dealbata
Pertusaria dealbescens
Pertusaria dehiscens var. dehiscens
Pertusaria dehiscens var. sekikaica
Pertusaria discoidea
Pertusaria dissita
Pertusaria disticha
Pertusaria doradorensis
Pertusaria elliptica var. bispora
Pertusaria elliptica var. elliptica
Pertusaria epacrospora
Pertusaria errinundrensis
Pertusaria erubescens
Pertusaria erythrella
Pertusaria ewersii
Pertusaria excludens
Pertusaria faginea
Pertusaria fastigiata
Pertusaria flavicans
Pertusaria flavicunda
Pertusaria flavida
Pertusaria flavocorallina
Pertusaria flavoisidiata
Pertusaria floridana
Pertusaria follmanniana
Pertusaria freyi
Pertusaria gallica
Pertusaria geminipara
Pertusaria georgeana
Pertusaria gibberosa
Pertusaria glaucomela
Pertusaria globospora
Pertusaria globularis
Pertusaria globulifera
Pertusaria glomerata
Pertusaria gundermanica
Pertusaria gymnospora
Pertusaria gyrocheila
Pertusaria gyrophorica
Pertusaria hadrocarpa
Pertusaria hakkodensis
Pertusaria hartmannii
Pertusaria hemisphaerica
Pertusaria henricii
Pertusaria hermaka
Pertusaria hibernica
Pertusaria howeana
Pertusaria hultenii
Pertusaria hutchinsiae
Pertusaria hymenea
Pertusaria hypothamnolica
Pertusaria hypoxantha
Pertusaria injuneana
Pertusaria inquinata
Pertusaria irregularis
Pertusaria isidiifera
Pertusaria isidioides
Pertusaria isidiosa
Pertusaria jamesii
Pertusaria knightiana
Pertusaria lacerans
Pertusaria lacericans
Pertusaria lactea
Pertusaria lactescens
Pertusaria lavata
Pertusaria lecanina
Pertusaria leiocarpella
Pertusaria leioplaca
Pertusaria leioplacella
Pertusaria leioterella
Pertusaria leprarioides
Pertusaria leptospora
Pertusaria leucoplaca
Pertusaria leucosora
Pertusaria leucostigma
Pertusaria leucostoma
Pertusaria leucostomoides
Pertusaria leucothelia
Pertusaria limbata
Pertusaria lophocarpa
Pertusaria lordhowensis
Pertusaria lutescens
Pertusaria macounii
Pertusaria macra
Pertusaria malabara
Pertusaria maritima
Pertusaria mattogrossensis
Pertusaria melaleuca
Pertusaria melaleucoides
Pertusaria melanochlora
Pertusaria melanospora
Pertusaria microstictica
Pertusaria microstoma
Pertusaria miniatescens
Pertusaria miscella
Pertusaria modesta
Pertusaria monogona
Pertusaria montpittensis
Pertusaria multipuncta
Pertusaria multipunctoides
Pertusaria muricata
Pertusaria nebulosa
Pertusaria neoscotica
Pertusaria nerrigensis
Pertusaria nitidula
Pertusaria nolens
Pertusaria norfolkensis
Pertusaria norstictica
Pertusaria novae-hollandiae
Pertusaria novae-zelandiae
Pertusaria ocellata var. flotowiana
Pertusaria ochrolemma
Pertusaria octomela
Pertusaria oculata
Pertusaria ophthalmiza
Pertusaria orarensis
Pertusaria subambigens
Pertusaria subamplicata
Pertusaria subcerussata
Pertusaria subdactylina
Pertusaria subisidiosa
Pertusaria sublacerans
Pertusaria sublactea
Pertusaria subobducens
Pertusaria suboculata
Pertusaria subpertusa
Pertusaria subplanaica
Pertusaria subrhodotropa
Pertusaria subrigida
Pertusaria subventosa var. deficiens
Pertusaria subventosa var. subventosa
Pertusaria subviridis
Pertusaria sulcata
Pertusaria sulphurea
Pertusaria sydneyensis
Pertusaria syncarpa var. corallina
Pertusaria tetrathalamia

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