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29 definitions found for Marssonina

Marssonina belongs to:

Marssonina consists of:
Marssonina betulae
Marssonina brunnea
Marssonina castagnei
Marssonina coronariae
Marssonina daphnes
Marssonina delastrei
Marssonina dispersa
Marssonina fragariae
Marssonina juglandis
Marssonina kriegeriana
Marssonina mali
Marssonina panattoniana
Marssonina populi
Marssonina populi-nigrae
Marssonina populina
Marssonina potentillae
Marssonina rosae
Marssonina salicicola
Marssonina salicigena
Marssonina secalis
Marssonina sorbi
Marssonina tremulae
Marssonina tremuloides
Marssonina tulasnei
Marssonina wyethiae

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