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200 definitions found for Hypoxylon

Hypoxylon belongs to:

Hypoxylon consists of:
Hypoxylon abyssinicum
Hypoxylon adumbratio
Hypoxylon aeneum
Hypoxylon aeruginosum
Hypoxylon africanum
Hypoxylon aggregatum
Hypoxylon albocinctum
Hypoxylon albostigmatosum
Hypoxylon albotectum
Hypoxylon amaniense
Hypoxylon angolense
Hypoxylon angustum
Hypoxylon annulatum
Hypoxylon anthochroum
Hypoxylon anthracoderma
Hypoxylon aquilum
Hypoxylon archeri
Hypoxylon areolatum
Hypoxylon argillaceum
Hypoxylon asarcodes
Hypoxylon atropunctatum
Hypoxylon atropurpureum
Hypoxylon atroroseum
Hypoxylon atrorufum
Hypoxylon aucklandiae
Hypoxylon aureostroma
Hypoxylon bagnisii
Hypoxylon baileyi
Hypoxylon bakeri
Hypoxylon balansae
Hypoxylon bartholomaei
Hypoxylon beaumontii
Hypoxylon begae
Hypoxylon berberidis
Hypoxylon berkeleyi
Hypoxylon bicolor
Hypoxylon bicoloratum
Hypoxylon bifrons
Hypoxylon bipapillatum
Hypoxylon blakei
Hypoxylon bogoriense
Hypoxylon botrys
Hypoxylon bovei
Hypoxylon brevirimum
Hypoxylon brevisporum
Hypoxylon bulbosa
Hypoxylon bullatum
Hypoxylon bunodes
Hypoxylon caaguazu
Hypoxylon californicum
Hypoxylon callimorphum
Hypoxylon callostroma
Hypoxylon capnodes
Hypoxylon carbonaceum
Hypoxylon caries
Hypoxylon carneum
Hypoxylon carpini
Hypoxylon carpophilum
Hypoxylon catalpae
Hypoxylon ceratospermum
Hypoxylon cercidicola
Hypoxylon cerebrinum
Hypoxylon cetrarioides
Hypoxylon chalybaeum
Hypoxylon chathamense
Hypoxylon chestersii
Hypoxylon chionostomum
Hypoxylon chrysoconium
Hypoxylon cinereolilacinum
Hypoxylon cinereum
Hypoxylon cinnabarinum
Hypoxylon circostomum
Hypoxylon circumscribum
Hypoxylon citriforme
Hypoxylon clavus
Hypoxylon clypeus
Hypoxylon coccinellum
Hypoxylon coccineum
Hypoxylon coenopus
Hypoxylon cohaerens
Hypoxylon colliculosum
Hypoxylon commutatum
Hypoxylon compunctum
Hypoxylon concentricum
Hypoxylon concurrens
Hypoxylon confluens
Hypoxylon congoanum
Hypoxylon congoense
Hypoxylon coprophilum
Hypoxylon corrugatum
Hypoxylon creoleucum
Hypoxylon crocatum
Hypoxylon croceum
Hypoxylon crocopeplum
Hypoxylon crustaceum
Hypoxylon cupreum
Hypoxylon cupricolor
Hypoxylon cupulare
Hypoxylon curvirimum
Hypoxylon daldiniiforme
Hypoxylon dearnessii
Hypoxylon deciduum
Hypoxylon decorticatum
Hypoxylon denudatum
Hypoxylon deustum
Hypoxylon diatrypelloides
Hypoxylon diatrypeoides
Hypoxylon dieckmannii
Hypoxylon digitatum
Hypoxylon dingleyae
Hypoxylon disciforme
Hypoxylon discoideum
Hypoxylon discophorum
Hypoxylon discretum
Hypoxylon distillatum
Hypoxylon divergens
Hypoxylon doidgeae
Hypoxylon dubiosum
Hypoxylon dumontii
Hypoxylon duranii
Hypoxylon duriloculatum
Hypoxylon durissimum
Hypoxylon effusum
Hypoxylon enteroleucum
Hypoxylon enteromelum
Hypoxylon epiphaeum
Hypoxylon epirhodium
Hypoxylon eriodendri
Hypoxylon erythrostroma
Hypoxylon exaratum
Hypoxylon exutans
Hypoxylon fendleri
Hypoxylon ferrugineorufum
Hypoxylon ferrugineum
Hypoxylon filiforme
Hypoxylon flavoargillaceum
Hypoxylon flavovirens
Hypoxylon florideum
Hypoxylon folicola
Hypoxylon fragaria
Hypoxylon fragiforme
Hypoxylon fraxinophilum
Hypoxylon freycinetiae
Hypoxylon frustulosum
Hypoxylon fuhreri
Hypoxylon fuscellum
Hypoxylon fusco-ochraceum
Hypoxylon fuscopurpureum
Hypoxylon fuscum
Hypoxylon fusoideosporum
Hypoxylon neocaledonicum
Hypoxylon nicaraguense
Hypoxylon nitens
Hypoxylon notatum
Hypoxylon nothofagi
Hypoxylon nothofagicola
Hypoxylon novemexicanum
Hypoxylon nucele
Hypoxylon nucigenum
Hypoxylon nummularioides
Hypoxylon nummularium
Hypoxylon nuttallii
Hypoxylon occidentale
Hypoxylon oceanicum
Hypoxylon ochraceofulvum
Hypoxylon ochraceum
Hypoxylon olivicolor
Hypoxylon oodes
Hypoxylon ophioglossoides
Hypoxylon ophthalmidium
Hypoxylon oregonense
Hypoxylon ustulatum
Hypoxylon valsarioides
Hypoxylon vandervekenii
Hypoxylon variolosum var. microcarpum
Hypoxylon velutinum
Hypoxylon venezuelense
Hypoxylon verae-crucis
Hypoxylon vernicosum
Hypoxylon vestitum
Hypoxylon vinosum
Hypoxylon virgultorum
Hypoxylon vividum
Hypoxylon vogesiacum
Hypoxylon walterianum
Hypoxylon weldenii

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