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26 definitions found for Endococcus

Endococcus belongs to:

Endococcus consists of:
Endococcus alpestris
Endococcus apiciicola
Endococcus atricola
Endococcus brachysporus
Endococcus caudisporus
Endococcus exerrans
Endococcus gyrophorarum
Endococcus haplospora
Endococcus haplotellus
Endococcus hygrophilus
Endococcus macrosporus
Endococcus opulentus
Endococcus parietinarius
Endococcus perpusillus
Endococcus propinquus
Endococcus rugulosus
Endococcus sphinctrinoides
Endococcus stigma
Endococcus triphractoides
Endococcus vermicularis
Endococcus vermicularius
Endococcus verrucosporus

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