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42 definitions found for Diplodina

Diplodina belongs to:

Diplodina consists of:
Diplodina acerina
Diplodina ammophilae
Diplodina brachypodii
Diplodina bufonia
Diplodina caricis
Diplodina castaneae
Diplodina chenopodii
Diplodina citrullina
Diplodina coloradensis
Diplodina deformis
Diplodina destructiva
Diplodina equiseti
Diplodina eurhododendri
Diplodina galii
Diplodina glaucii
Diplodina graminea
Diplodina laminariana
Diplodina lecanorae
Diplodina lichenoides
Diplodina lycopersici
Diplodina microsperma
Diplodina obiones
Diplodina parasitica
Diplodina parmeliae
Diplodina pedicularidis
Diplodina pedicularis
Diplodina salicis
Diplodina samararum
Diplodina sandstedei
Diplodina semi-immersa
Diplodina solorinaria
Diplodina strobi
Diplodina teretiuscula
Diplodina viburnicola
Diplodina vitalbae
Diplodina vouauxii
Diplodina watsoniana

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