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55 definitions found for Dermatocarpon

Dermatocarpon belongs to:

Dermatocarpon consists of:
Dermatocarpon acarosporoides
Dermatocarpon anzianum var. terrigena
Dermatocarpon aquaticum
Dermatocarpon bachmannii
Dermatocarpon boccanum
Dermatocarpon cartilagineum
Dermatocarpon cinereum
Dermatocarpon clopimum
Dermatocarpon compactum
Dermatocarpon complicatum
Dermatocarpon contumescens
Dermatocarpon daedaleum
Dermatocarpon decipiens f. intestiniforme
Dermatocarpon deminuens
Dermatocarpon divisum
Dermatocarpon fluviatile
Dermatocarpon glaucinum
Dermatocarpon hepaticum
Dermatocarpon imbricatum
Dermatocarpon intestiniforme
Dermatocarpon isidioides
Dermatocarpon kisovense
Dermatocarpon lachneum
Dermatocarpon latzelii
Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes
Dermatocarpon leptophyllum
Dermatocarpon luridum
Dermatocarpon macrocarpum
Dermatocarpon meiophyllizum
Dermatocarpon meiophyllum
Dermatocarpon michelii
Dermatocarpon miniatum
Dermatocarpon pallidum
Dermatocarpon phaeocarpoides
Dermatocarpon polyphyllum
Dermatocarpon psoromoides
Dermatocarpon pusillum
Dermatocarpon radicescens
Dermatocarpon rhizinosum
Dermatocarpon rivulorum
Dermatocarpon rufescens
Dermatocarpon saxicola
Dermatocarpon sbarbaronis
Dermatocarpon sorediatum
Dermatocarpon tremniacense
Dermatocarpon virescens
Dermatocarpon viride
Dermatocarpon waltheri
Dermatocarpon weberi
Dermatocarpon zahlbruckneri

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