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38 definitions found for Catapyrenium

Catapyrenium belongs to:

Catapyrenium consists of:
Catapyrenium acarosporoides
Catapyrenium acervatum
Catapyrenium antillarum
Catapyrenium boccanum
Catapyrenium cinereum
Catapyrenium compactum
Catapyrenium congestum
Catapyrenium contumescens
Catapyrenium daedaleum
Catapyrenium divisum
Catapyrenium endocarpoides
Catapyrenium granulosum
Catapyrenium hookeri
Catapyrenium imbricatum
Catapyrenium lachneum
Catapyrenium lacinulatum
Catapyrenium latzelii
Catapyrenium liratum
Catapyrenium michelii
Catapyrenium phaeocarpoides
Catapyrenium pilosellum
Catapyrenium plumbeum
Catapyrenium podolepis
Catapyrenium psoromoides
Catapyrenium radicescens
Catapyrenium rhizinosum
Catapyrenium rufescens
Catapyrenium sbarbaronis
Catapyrenium schaereri
Catapyrenium squamulosum
Catapyrenium terrigenum
Catapyrenium umbrinum
Catapyrenium virescens
Catapyrenium waltheri
Catapyrenium zahlbruckneri

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