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25 definitions found for Anthracothecium

Anthracothecium belongs to:

Anthracothecium consists of:
Anthracothecium amphitropum
Anthracothecium aurantiacum
Anthracothecium australiense
Anthracothecium canellae-albae
Anthracothecium confine
Anthracothecium corticatum
Anthracothecium desquamans
Anthracothecium doleschallii
Anthracothecium hibernicum
Anthracothecium macrosporum
Anthracothecium maculare
Anthracothecium melasporum
Anthracothecium oculatum
Anthracothecium oligosporum
Anthracothecium parvinucleum
Anthracothecium prasinum
Anthracothecium pyrenuloides
Anthracothecium sinapispermum
Anthracothecium staurosporum
Anthracothecium subvariolosum
Anthracothecium thwaitesii
Anthracothecium variolosum

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