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52 definitions found for Alectoria

Alectoria belongs to:

Alectoria consists of:
Alectoria arabum
Alectoria berengeriana
Alectoria berengeriana var. smithii
Alectoria bicolor
Alectoria cana
Alectoria canariensis
Alectoria capillaris
Alectoria chalybeiformis
Alectoria cincinnata f. vexillifera
Alectoria cincinnata var. vexillifera
Alectoria crispa
Alectoria divergens
Alectoria fuscescens
Alectoria haynaldii
Alectoria implexa
Alectoria intricans
Alectoria jubata
Alectoria lanata
Alectoria lanata f. minuscula
Alectoria lanestris
Alectoria minuscula
Alectoria nadvornikiana
Alectoria nidulifera
Alectoria nigricans
Alectoria nitidula
Alectoria ochroleuca
Alectoria oregana
Alectoria pontoni
Alectoria positiva
Alectoria prolixa
Alectoria prostratosteola
Alectoria pseudofuscescens
Alectoria pubescens
Alectoria sarmentosa
Alectoria satoana
Alectoria smithii
Alectoria speciosa
Alectoria subcana
Alectoria subdivergens
Alectoria superba
Alectoria tenuis
Alectoria thrausta
Alectoria trichodes
Alectoria tristis
Alectoria vancouverensis
Alectoria vexillifera

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