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130 definitions found for Acarospora

Acarospora belongs to:

Acarospora consists of:
Acarospora admissa
Acarospora aequatula
Acarospora aeruginosa
Acarospora albomarginata
Acarospora americana
Acarospora amphibola
Acarospora anomala
Acarospora applanata
Acarospora arenacea
Acarospora arenosa
Acarospora asahinae
Acarospora asperata
Acarospora atrata
Acarospora badiofusca
Acarospora benedarensis
Acarospora boulderensis
Acarospora bullata
Acarospora caesiofusca
Acarospora californica
Acarospora canadensis
Acarospora carnegiei
Acarospora castanea var. incusa
Acarospora cervina
Acarospora chlorophana
Acarospora cinereoalba
Acarospora citrina
Acarospora clauzadeana
Acarospora clavus
Acarospora coloradiana
Acarospora complanata
Acarospora cyclocarpa
Acarospora desolata
Acarospora discreta
Acarospora dispersa
Acarospora durietzii
Acarospora elevata
Acarospora fusca
Acarospora fuscata
Acarospora fuscescens
Acarospora fuscorufa
Acarospora gallica
Acarospora geogena
Acarospora glaucocarpa
Acarospora hassei
Acarospora heppii
Acarospora heufleriana
Acarospora hilaris
Acarospora huefleriana
Acarospora hypophaea
Acarospora immersa
Acarospora impressula
Acarospora incusa
Acarospora instrata
Acarospora interjecta
Acarospora interposita
Acarospora interspersa
Acarospora intricata
Acarospora lesdainii
Acarospora macrocarpa
Acarospora macrospora
Acarospora magnussonii
Acarospora moenium
Acarospora molybdina
Acarospora muddii
Acarospora murina
Acarospora murorum
Acarospora negligens
Acarospora nevadensis
Acarospora nigromarginata
Acarospora nitida
Acarospora nitrophila
Acarospora nodulosa
Acarospora normanii
Acarospora novae-hollandiae
Acarospora obnubila
Acarospora obpallens
Acarospora oligospora
Acarospora opaca
Acarospora oxytona
Acarospora particularis
Acarospora patellata
Acarospora peliscypha
Acarospora peliscyphoides
Acarospora peltastica
Acarospora percaenoides
Acarospora praeruptorum
Acarospora privigna
Acarospora pyrenopsoides
Acarospora radicata
Acarospora reagens
Acarospora rhizobola
Acarospora rufescens
Acarospora rugulosa
Acarospora saepincola
Acarospora scabrida
Acarospora schleicheri
Acarospora scotica
Acarospora scyphulifera
Acarospora simplex
Acarospora sinopica
Acarospora smaragdula
Acarospora socialis
Acarospora sparsa
Acarospora squamulosa
Acarospora stapfiana
Acarospora strigata
Acarospora subfuscescens
Acarospora subrufula
Acarospora succedens
Acarospora superfusa
Acarospora tasmanica
Acarospora tenebrica
Acarospora terricola
Acarospora testudinea
Acarospora thamnina
Acarospora thelococcoides
Acarospora thermophila
Acarospora tongleti
Acarospora tucsonensis
Acarospora umbilicata
Acarospora utahensis
Acarospora veronensis
Acarospora verruciformis
Acarospora versipellis
Acarospora washingtonensis

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