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24 definitions found for Vibrissea

Vibrissea belongs to:

Vibrissea consists of:
Vibrissea bicolor
Vibrissea circinans
Vibrissea decolorans
Vibrissea fergussonii
Vibrissea filisporia f. fiscella
Vibrissea flavovirens
Vibrissea guernisacii
Vibrissea hypogaea
Vibrissea leptospora
Vibrissea margarita
Vibrissea melanochlora
Vibrissea microscopica
Vibrissea norvegica
Vibrissea obconica
Vibrissea sclerotiorum
Vibrissea sporogyra
Vibrissea tasmanica
Vibrissea truncorum
Vibrissea turbinata
Vibrissea vibrisseoides

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