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139 definitions found for Uromyces

Uromyces belongs to:

Uromyces consists of:
Uromyces acetosae
Uromyces aecidiiformis
Uromyces airae-flexuosae
Uromyces albescens
Uromyces alchemillae
Uromyces ambiguus
Uromyces anthyllidis
Uromyces apiculatus
Uromyces appendiculatus
Uromyces arachidis
Uromyces ari-triphylli
Uromyces armeriae
Uromyces astragali
Uromyces behenis
Uromyces betae
Uromyces beticola
Uromyces bicinctus
Uromyces caryophyllinus
Uromyces chenopodii
Uromyces ciceris-arietini
Uromyces colchici
Uromyces concentricus
Uromyces concomitans
Uromyces coronatus
Uromyces croci
Uromyces dactylidis
Uromyces dianthi
Uromyces digitatus
Uromyces dolicholi
Uromyces durus
Uromyces ervi
Uromyces eugentianae
Uromyces euphorbiae-astragali
Uromyces euphorbiae-corniculatae
Uromyces euphorbiae-silvaticae
Uromyces excavatus
Uromyces extensus
Uromyces fabae
Uromyces fallens
Uromyces festucae
Uromyces ficariae
Uromyces flectens
Uromyces freesiae
Uromyces gageae
Uromyces galegae
Uromyces genistae-tinctoriae
Uromyces gentianae
Uromyces geranii
Uromyces graminum
Uromyces hellerianus
Uromyces hippocrateae
Uromyces hippocrepidis
Uromyces holwayi
Uromyces hordei
Uromyces hyalosporus
Uromyces hybernae
Uromyces inaequialtus
Uromyces inocarpi
Uromyces ipomoeae
Uromyces iridis
Uromyces jaapianus
Uromyces janiphae
Uromyces junci
Uromyces kabatianus
Uromyces koae
Uromyces kuehnii
Uromyces laburni
Uromyces lathyri
Uromyces leptodermus
Uromyces lilii
Uromyces limonii
Uromyces lineolatus
Uromyces longissima
Uromyces loti
Uromyces lycoctoni
Uromyces manihotis
Uromyces maritimae
Uromyces medicaginis
Uromyces melosporus
Uromyces minor
Uromyces muscari
Uromyces nerviphilus
Uromyces novissimus
Uromyces onobrychidis
Uromyces orobi
Uromyces pamparum
Uromyces phacae
Uromyces phaseoli
Uromyces phaseolorum
Uromyces phragmitis
Uromyces phyllodiae
Uromyces phyllodiorum
Uromyces pisi
Uromyces pisi-sativi
Uromyces poae
Uromyces polygoni
Uromyces polygoni-avicularis
Uromyces primulae
Uromyces psophocarpi
Uromyces puccinioides
Uromyces punctatus
Uromyces ranunculi-festucae
Uromyces rumicis
Uromyces salicorniae
Uromyces sanguineus
Uromyces scillarum
Uromyces scirpi
Uromyces scrophulariae
Uromyces scutellatus
Uromyces setariae-italicae
Uromyces sojae
Uromyces sonchi
Uromyces sparsus
Uromyces striatus
Uromyces tepperianus
Uromyces terebinthi
Uromyces tinctoriicola
Uromyces transversalis
Uromyces trifolii
Uromyces trifolii-hybridi
Uromyces trifolii-repentis
Uromyces tuberculatus
Uromyces ulmariae
Uromyces valerianae
Uromyces vestitus
Uromyces viciae
Uromyces viciae-fabae
Uromyces vignae
Uromyces watsoniae
Uromyces wurthii

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