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40 definitions found for Urceolella

Urceolella belongs to:

Urceolella consists of:
Urceolella appressipila
Urceolella arundinis
Urceolella aspera
Urceolella berkeleyi
Urceolella carestiana
Urceolella corticicola
Urceolella corticola
Urceolella crispula
Urceolella curvipila
Urceolella deparcula
Urceolella effugiens
Urceolella elaphines
Urceolella flaveola
Urceolella fugiens
Urceolella hamulata
Urceolella incarnatina
Urceolella iridis
Urceolella leuconica
Urceolella leucostoma
Urceolella mali
Urceolella melaxantha
Urceolella micacea
Urceolella papillaris
Urceolella paulula
Urceolella pteridis
Urceolella puberula
Urceolella richonis
Urceolella scrupulosa
Urceolella spiraeae
Urceolella spirotricha
Urceolella stereicola
Urceolella stevensonii
Urceolella tami
Urceolella trichodea
Urceolella versicolor
Urceolella viburnicola
Urceolella winteriana

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