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24 definitions found for Trichosporon

Trichosporon belongs to:

Trichosporon consists of:
Trichosporon aculeatum
Trichosporon asahii
Trichosporon beigelii
Trichosporon cutaneum
Trichosporon diddensiae
Trichosporon dulcitum
Trichosporon eriense
Trichosporon fermentans
Trichosporon fiedleri
Trichosporon gracile
Trichosporon inkin
Trichosporon krusei
Trichosporon loubieri
Trichosporon niger
Trichosporon oryzae
Trichosporon sarmentoi
Trichosporon sericeum
Trichosporon sinense
Trichosporon sporotrichoides
Trichosporon terrestre
Trichosporon variabile

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