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80 definitions found for Trichopeziza

Trichopeziza belongs to:

Trichopeziza consists of:
Trichopeziza abnormis
Trichopeziza acerina
Trichopeziza albotestacea
Trichopeziza alboviridis
Trichopeziza andina
Trichopeziza aranea
Trichopeziza araneocincta
Trichopeziza arundinis
Trichopeziza asema
Trichopeziza aspidii
Trichopeziza berkeleyi
Trichopeziza brevipila
Trichopeziza caesia
Trichopeziza candidata
Trichopeziza capitata
Trichopeziza carinata
Trichopeziza ciliata
Trichopeziza cirrata
Trichopeziza citricolor
Trichopeziza coarctata
Trichopeziza crispula
Trichopeziza cruenta
Trichopeziza dematiicola
Trichopeziza discolor
Trichopeziza distincta
Trichopeziza dumorum
Trichopeziza earoleuca
Trichopeziza effugiens
Trichopeziza elegantula
Trichopeziza episphaeria
Trichopeziza eriobasis
Trichopeziza escharodes
Trichopeziza flavofuliginea
Trichopeziza fugiens
Trichopeziza grevillei
Trichopeziza grisella
Trichopeziza hamata var. bulbopilosa
Trichopeziza horridula
Trichopeziza inconspicua
Trichopeziza inquilina
Trichopeziza kalmiae
Trichopeziza lachnobrachya
Trichopeziza leuconica
Trichopeziza leucophaea
Trichopeziza leucostoma
Trichopeziza melaxantha
Trichopeziza misella
Trichopeziza mollissima
Trichopeziza nectrioides
Trichopeziza nidulus
Trichopeziza occulta
Trichopeziza oedema
Trichopeziza planoumbilicata
Trichopeziza prasina
Trichopeziza pteridis
Trichopeziza pulveracea
Trichopeziza punctiformis
Trichopeziza pygmaea
Trichopeziza rehmii
Trichopeziza richonii
Trichopeziza spirotricha
Trichopeziza stereicola
Trichopeziza stipae
Trichopeziza sulphurea
Trichopeziza tami
Trichopeziza trabinelloides
Trichopeziza ulmariae
Trichopeziza variecolor
Trichopeziza venturioides
Trichopeziza villosa
Trichopeziza virescentula
Trichopeziza viridula

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