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47 definitions found for Trichobasis

Trichobasis belongs to:

Trichobasis consists of:
Trichobasis angelicae
Trichobasis apii
Trichobasis artemisiae
Trichobasis betae
Trichobasis caricina
Trichobasis cichoracearum
Trichobasis clinopodii
Trichobasis conii
Trichobasis cynapii
Trichobasis fabae
Trichobasis fallens
Trichobasis galii
Trichobasis geranii
Trichobasis glumarum
Trichobasis heraclei
Trichobasis hydrocotyles
Trichobasis impatientis
Trichobasis iridis
Trichobasis labiatarum
Trichobasis lapsanae
Trichobasis linearis
Trichobasis lychnidearum
Trichobasis lynchii
Trichobasis oblongata
Trichobasis palmarum
Trichobasis parnassiae
Trichobasis petroselini
Trichobasis pimpinellae
Trichobasis primulae
Trichobasis pruni-spinosae
Trichobasis pyrolae
Trichobasis rhamni
Trichobasis rubigo-vera
Trichobasis scillarum
Trichobasis scolopendrii
Trichobasis senecionis
Trichobasis suaveolens
Trichobasis symphyti
Trichobasis ulmariae
Trichobasis umbellatarum
Trichobasis vincae
Trichobasis violarum

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