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60 definitions found for Thielavia

Thielavia belongs to:

Thielavia consists of:
Thielavia albomyces
Thielavia angulata
Thielavia appendiculata
Thielavia arenaria
Thielavia australiensis
Thielavia basicola
Thielavia boothii
Thielavia californica
Thielavia cephalothecoides
Thielavia coactilis
Thielavia dacrydioides
Thielavia decidua
Thielavia fimeti
Thielavia fragilis
Thielavia heterothallica
Thielavia humicola
Thielavia hyalocarpa
Thielavia hyrcaniae
Thielavia inaequalis
Thielavia indica
Thielavia intermedia
Thielavia kirilenkoae
Thielavia kuwaitensis
Thielavia leptoderma
Thielavia lutescens
Thielavia microspora
Thielavia minor
Thielavia minuta
Thielavia minuta var. thermophila
Thielavia neocaledoniensis
Thielavia novoguineensis
Thielavia octospora
Thielavia ovata
Thielavia ovispora
Thielavia pallidospora
Thielavia peruviana
Thielavia pilosa
Thielavia reticulata
Thielavia savoryi
Thielavia sepedonium
Thielavia setosa
Thielavia soppittii
Thielavia spirotricha
Thielavia subfimeti
Thielavia subthermophila
Thielavia terrestris
Thielavia terricola
Thielavia tetraspora
Thielavia thermophila
Thielavia tortuosa
Thielavia trichorobusta
Thielavia variospora
Thielavia wareingii

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