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21 definitions found for Teloschistes

Teloschistes belongs to:

Teloschistes consists of:
Teloschistes arcticus
Teloschistes callopismus
Teloschistes candelarius
Teloschistes chrysophthalmus
Teloschistes concolor
Teloschistes contortuplicatus
Teloschistes exilis
Teloschistes fasciculatus
Teloschistes flavicans
Teloschistes hypoglaucus
Teloschistes parietinus
Teloschistes polycarpus
Teloschistes sieberianus
Teloschistes spinosus f. spinosus
Teloschistes spinosus f. subteres
Teloschistes velifer f. nodulosus
Teloschistes velifer f. velifer
Teloschistes villosus
Teloschistes xanthoroides

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