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26 definitions found for Stromatinia

Stromatinia belongs to:

Stromatinia consists of:
Stromatinia aschersoniana
Stromatinia aucupariae
Stromatinia baccarum
Stromatinia betulae
Stromatinia cepivora
Stromatinia fructigena
Stromatinia gladioli
Stromatinia granigena
Stromatinia megalospora
Stromatinia mespili
Stromatinia narcissi
Stromatinia nervisequia
Stromatinia oxycocci
Stromatinia padi
Stromatinia pseudotuberosa
Stromatinia rapulum
Stromatinia serica
Stromatinia smilacinae
Stromatinia subularis
Stromatinia temulenta
Stromatinia urnula
Stromatinia vaccinii

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