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42 definitions found for Strigula

Strigula belongs to:

Strigula consists of:
Strigula albicascens
Strigula antillarum
Strigula australiensis
Strigula babingtonii
Strigula bermudana
Strigula concreta
Strigula confusa
Strigula decipiens
Strigula elegans var. antillarum
Strigula elegans var. concreta
Strigula elixii
Strigula fossulicola
Strigula fractans
Strigula jamesii
Strigula janeirensis
Strigula lateralis
Strigula macrocarpa
Strigula maculata
Strigula melanobapha
Strigula minutula
Strigula multipunctata
Strigula natalis
Strigula nemathora
Strigula nitidula
Strigula obducta
Strigula oceanica
Strigula orbicularis
Strigula phaea
Strigula phyllogena
Strigula prasina
Strigula rupestris
Strigula smaragdula
Strigula stigmatella
Strigula subelegans
Strigula subtilissima
Strigula tagananae
Strigula taylorii
Strigula thelopsidoides
Strigula viridiseda

[sv] Swedish for
Strigula jamesii

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