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83 definitions found for Sticta

Sticta belongs to:

Sticta consists of:
Sticta amplissima
Sticta arctica
Sticta argyracea
Sticta aurata
Sticta baileyi
Sticta beauvoisii
Sticta billardierei
Sticta brevipes
Sticta camarae
Sticta canariensis
Sticta caperata
Sticta carolina
Sticta carpoloma
Sticta chloroleuca
Sticta ciliaris f. duplolimbata
Sticta colensoi
Sticta coronata
Sticta crocata
Sticta cyphellulata
Sticta damicornis
Sticta desfontainii
Sticta discolor
Sticta diversa
Sticta dozyana
Sticta dufourii
Sticta duplolimbata
Sticta erosa
Sticta faveolata
Sticta filix
Sticta flavocyphellata
Sticta fragillima f. punctillaris
Sticta fragillima var. dissimilis
Sticta freycinetii var. glabra
Sticta fuliginosa
Sticta gilva
Sticta glabra
Sticta glaucescens
Sticta granulata
Sticta howei
Sticta hypopsiloides
Sticta insculpta
Sticta intricata
Sticta laetevirens
Sticta latifrons
Sticta leylandii
Sticta limbata
Sticta macrophylla
Sticta marginifera
Sticta martinii
Sticta mooreana
Sticta muelleri
Sticta multifida
Sticta myrioloba
Sticta neglecta
Sticta pedunculata
Sticta pickeringii
Sticta poculifera
Sticta prolificans
Sticta pulmonacea var. hypomela
Sticta pulmonaria
Sticta rigida
Sticta rubella
Sticta rubrina
Sticta rutilans
Sticta sayeri
Sticta scrobiculata
Sticta semilanata
Sticta stenophylla
Sticta stipitata
Sticta sublimbata
Sticta subtomentella
Sticta sulphurea
Sticta sylvatica
Sticta thouarsii f. aberrans
Sticta variabilis
Sticta verrucosa
Sticta weigelii
Sticta wrightii

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