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77 definitions found for Stagonospora

Stagonospora belongs to:

Stagonospora consists of:
Stagonospora achlydis
Stagonospora anglica
Stagonospora aquatica
Stagonospora arcus
Stagonospora arenaria
Stagonospora arrhenatheri
Stagonospora arundinacea
Stagonospora atriplicis
Stagonospora avenae
Stagonospora bellunensis
Stagonospora bohemica
Stagonospora boltshauseri
Stagonospora bufonia
Stagonospora calystegiae
Stagonospora caricinella
Stagonospora caricis
Stagonospora compta
Stagonospora culmicola
Stagonospora curtisii
Stagonospora cylindrica
Stagonospora dolosa
Stagonospora dulcamarae
Stagonospora elegans
Stagonospora epicalamia
Stagonospora equiseti
Stagonospora equisetina
Stagonospora euonymi
Stagonospora foliicola
Stagonospora fragariae
Stagonospora gigaspora
Stagonospora graminella
Stagonospora haliclysta
Stagonospora heleocharidis
Stagonospora hortensis
Stagonospora innumerosa
Stagonospora insidiosa
Stagonospora junciseda
Stagonospora koshkelovae
Stagonospora lophiostoma
Stagonospora luzulae
Stagonospora macropus
Stagonospora macropycnidia
Stagonospora macrospora
Stagonospora maculata
Stagonospora maritima
Stagonospora medicaginis
Stagonospora meliloti
Stagonospora narcissi
Stagonospora neglecta
Stagonospora nodorum
Stagonospora paludosa
Stagonospora paspali
Stagonospora pteridiicola
Stagonospora recedens
Stagonospora sacchari
Stagonospora salicorniae
Stagonospora samarorum
Stagonospora sanstedeana
Stagonospora socia
Stagonospora sparganii
Stagonospora suaedae
Stagonospora subseriata
Stagonospora trifolii
Stagonospora trimera
Stagonospora turgida
Stagonospora tussilaginis
Stagonospora typhoidearum
Stagonospora vexata
Stagonospora vexata var. foliicola
Stagonospora vexatula
Stagonospora vitensis

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