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28 definitions found for Sporothrix

Sporothrix belongs to:

Sporothrix consists of:
Sporothrix alba
Sporothrix albicans
Sporothrix asteroides
Sporothrix beurmannii
Sporothrix curviconia
Sporothrix cyanescens
Sporothrix flocculosa
Sporothrix foliorum
Sporothrix fungorum
Sporothrix ghanensis
Sporothrix guttuliformis
Sporothrix inflata
Sporothrix insectorum
Sporothrix inusitatiramosa
Sporothrix isarioides
Sporothrix luteoalba
Sporothrix nivea
Sporothrix pallida
Sporothrix ramosissima
Sporothrix ranii
Sporothrix rectidentata
Sporothrix rugulosa
Sporothrix schenckii
Sporothrix schenckii-beurmannii
Sporothrix sclerotialis

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