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26 definitions found for Sporocybe

Sporocybe belongs to:

Sporocybe consists of:
Sporocybe abietina
Sporocybe albida
Sporocybe albipes
Sporocybe alternata
Sporocybe aspergilloides
Sporocybe atra
Sporocybe azaleae
Sporocybe borzinii
Sporocybe brassicicola
Sporocybe byssoides
Sporocybe calicioides
Sporocybe cuneifera
Sporocybe digitata
Sporocybe flexuosa
Sporocybe glaucocephala
Sporocybe grisea
Sporocybe hybrida
Sporocybe lobulata
Sporocybe nigrella
Sporocybe persicae
Sporocybe phillipsii
Sporocybe rhopaloides
Sporocybe sphaerophila

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