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94 definitions found for Sclerotinia

Sclerotinia belongs to:

Sclerotinia consists of:
Sclerotinia aestivalis
Sclerotinia allii
Sclerotinia alni
Sclerotinia americana
Sclerotinia antarctica
Sclerotinia asari
Sclerotinia aschersoniana
Sclerotinia aucupariae
Sclerotinia azaleae
Sclerotinia baccarum
Sclerotinia batschiana
Sclerotinia betulae
Sclerotinia borealis
Sclerotinia bresadolae
Sclerotinia brunneocarpa
Sclerotinia bulborum
Sclerotinia camelliae
Sclerotinia candolleana
Sclerotinia carunculoides
Sclerotinia ciborioides
Sclerotinia cinerea
Sclerotinia convoluta
Sclerotinia crataegi
Sclerotinia curreyana
Sclerotinia cydoniae
Sclerotinia demissa
Sclerotinia dennisii
Sclerotinia draytonii
Sclerotinia duriaeana
Sclerotinia eleocharidis
Sclerotinia erythronii
Sclerotinia filipes
Sclerotinia foliicola
Sclerotinia fructicola
Sclerotinia fructigena
Sclerotinia fuckeliana
Sclerotinia geranii
Sclerotinia gladioli
Sclerotinia globosa
Sclerotinia graminearum
Sclerotinia granigena
Sclerotinia gregoriana
Sclerotinia heterocarpa
Sclerotinia hirtella
Sclerotinia homoeocarpa
Sclerotinia intermedia
Sclerotinia johnsonii
Sclerotinia juncifida
Sclerotinia kerneri
Sclerotinia laxa
Sclerotinia libertiana
Sclerotinia lindaviana
Sclerotinia linhartiana
Sclerotinia longisclerotialis
Sclerotinia matthiolae
Sclerotinia megalospora
Sclerotinia mespili
Sclerotinia minor
Sclerotinia moricola
Sclerotinia muscorum
Sclerotinia narcissicola
Sclerotinia nervisequa
Sclerotinia oxycocci
Sclerotinia padi
Sclerotinia paludosa
Sclerotinia pelargonii
Sclerotinia perplexa
Sclerotinia podophyllina
Sclerotinia polyblastis
Sclerotinia porri
Sclerotinia pseudotuberosa
Sclerotinia ricini
Sclerotinia sativa
Sclerotinia scirpicola
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Sclerotinia seaveri
Sclerotinia serica
Sclerotinia smilacinae
Sclerotinia spermophila
Sclerotinia sphaerosperma
Sclerotinia squamosa
Sclerotinia sulcata
Sclerotinia temulenta
Sclerotinia trifoliorum
Sclerotinia tuberosa
Sclerotinia ulmariae
Sclerotinia urnula
Sclerotinia vaccinii
Sclerotinia vaccinii-corymbosi
Sclerotinia vahliana

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