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197 definitions found for Ramularia

Ramularia belongs to:
Hyphomycetous Anamorph

Ramularia consists of:
Ramularia acris
Ramularia adoxae
Ramularia aequivoca
Ramularia agrestis
Ramularia agrimoniae
Ramularia ajugae
Ramularia alba
Ramularia alborosella
Ramularia alismatis
Ramularia alnicola
Ramularia alpina
Ramularia ampelophaga
Ramularia anagallidis
Ramularia angelicae
Ramularia anomala
Ramularia anthrisci
Ramularia aplospora
Ramularia aquatilis
Ramularia archangelicae
Ramularia arenariae
Ramularia areola
Ramularia ari
Ramularia armoraciae
Ramularia aromatica
Ramularia arvensis
Ramularia asteris
Ramularia bellunensis
Ramularia betae
Ramularia beticola
Ramularia bistortae
Ramularia bonordenii
Ramularia brunnea
Ramularia bryoniae
Ramularia calcea
Ramularia calthae
Ramularia canadensis
Ramularia candida
Ramularia cardamines
Ramularia cardui
Ramularia carneola
Ramularia carthami
Ramularia carthusiana
Ramularia centaureae
Ramularia centranthi
Ramularia cerinthes
Ramularia chaerophylli
Ramularia chamaedryos
Ramularia chenopodii
Ramularia cicutae
Ramularia circaeae
Ramularia cirsii
Ramularia coccinea
Ramularia cochleariae
Ramularia coleosporii
Ramularia collo-cygni
Ramularia cupulariae
Ramularia cyclaminicola
Ramularia cynarae
Ramularia cynoglossi
Ramularia destructans
Ramularia destructiva
Ramularia deusta
Ramularia didyma
Ramularia didymarioides
Ramularia dobrozrakoviana
Ramularia doronici
Ramularia dubia
Ramularia dulcamarae
Ramularia epilobiana
Ramularia epilobii
Ramularia epilobii-palustris
Ramularia episphaeria
Ramularia erodii
Ramularia euphorbiae
Ramularia exobasidioides
Ramularia farinosa
Ramularia fatsiae
Ramularia filaris
Ramularia foeniculi
Ramularia fusisaprophytica
Ramularia galegae
Ramularia gei
Ramularia geranii
Ramularia gibba
Ramularia glechomatis
Ramularia goeldiana
Ramularia gossypii
Ramularia grevilleana
Ramularia haplospora
Ramularia hellebori
Ramularia heraclei
Ramularia heteronema
Ramularia holci-lanati
Ramularia hordeicola
Ramularia hypochoeridis
Ramularia inaequale
Ramularia indica
Ramularia interstitialis
Ramularia keithii
Ramularia knautiae
Ramularia kriegeriana
Ramularia lactea
Ramularia lamii
Ramularia lamiicola
Ramularia lappae
Ramularia lapsanae
Ramularia ligustrina
Ramularia ludoviciana
Ramularia lychnidicola
Ramularia lysimachiarum
Ramularia macrospora
Ramularia maculiformis
Ramularia magnusiana
Ramularia meliloti
Ramularia menthicola
Ramularia montana
Ramularia myosotidis
Ramularia nymphaearum
Ramularia obducens
Ramularia obliqua
Ramularia obtusispora
Ramularia occidentalis var. indica
Ramularia olida
Ramularia onobrychidis
Ramularia orthospora
Ramularia oryzae
Ramularia ovata
Ramularia oxyriae
Ramularia parietariae
Ramularia pastinacae
Ramularia pastinacae-sativae
Ramularia peltigericola
Ramularia phaseoli
Ramularia picridis
Ramularia plantaginea
Ramularia plantaginis
Ramularia polliniae
Ramularia pratensis
Ramularia primulae
Ramularia primulana
Ramularia pruinosa
Ramularia punctiformis
Ramularia purpurascens
Ramularia pusilla
Ramularia pygmaea
Ramularia ranunculi
Ramularia rapae
Ramularia rhabdospora
Ramularia rhei
Ramularia rollandii
Ramularia rosea
Ramularia rubella
Ramularia rubi
Ramularia rufibasis
Ramularia sabaudica
Ramularia sambucina
Ramularia saxifragae
Ramularia scabiosae
Ramularia scelerata
Ramularia schulzeri
Ramularia scirpina
Ramularia scolopendrii
Ramularia scrophulariae
Ramularia senecionis
Ramularia septata
Ramularia simplex
Ramularia sparganii
Ramularia sphaeroidea
Ramularia spiraeae
Ramularia stachydis
Ramularia succisae
Ramularia sylvestris
Ramularia taraxaci
Ramularia theicola
Ramularia torvi
Ramularia tulasnei
Ramularia typhae
Ramularia ulmariae
Ramularia uredinis
Ramularia urticae
Ramularia valerianae
Ramularia vallisumbrosae
Ramularia variabilis
Ramularia veronicae
Ramularia villiana
Ramularia violae
Ramularia virgaureae
Ramularia viticis
Ramularia winteri

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