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30 definitions found for Pyrenopsis

Pyrenopsis belongs to:

Pyrenopsis consists of:
Pyrenopsis australiensis
Pyrenopsis compacta
Pyrenopsis diffundens
Pyrenopsis furfurea
Pyrenopsis fuscatula
Pyrenopsis fuscoatra
Pyrenopsis granatina
Pyrenopsis grumulifera
Pyrenopsis haemaleella
Pyrenopsis haematina
Pyrenopsis haematopis
Pyrenopsis homoeopsis
Pyrenopsis impolita
Pyrenopsis lecidella
Pyrenopsis micrococca
Pyrenopsis multispora
Pyrenopsis phaeococca
Pyrenopsis phylliscella
Pyrenopsis polycocca
Pyrenopsis pulvinata
Pyrenopsis reducta
Pyrenopsis rhodosticta
Pyrenopsis sanguinea
Pyrenopsis schaereri
Pyrenopsis subareolata
Pyrenopsis subfuliginosa
Pyrenopsis tasmanica
Pyrenopsis viridirufa

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