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48 definitions found for Propolis

Propolis belongs to:

Propolis consists of:
Propolis alba
Propolis angulosa
Propolis betulae
Propolis chrysophaea
Propolis dendrobii
Propolis desmoschoeni
Propolis dracophylli
Propolis emarginata
Propolis epilobii
Propolis faginea
Propolis farinosa
Propolis foliicola
Propolis fulva
Propolis glauca
Propolis grisea
Propolis hysterioides
Propolis lecanora
Propolis leonis
Propolis leucaspis
Propolis lugubris
Propolis mezerei
Propolis nivea
Propolis ocellata
Propolis panizzei
Propolis parallela
Propolis phacidioides
Propolis pinastri
Propolis psychotriae
Propolis pulchella
Propolis pyri
Propolis quadrifida
Propolis quercifolia
Propolis rhodoleuca
Propolis rosae
Propolis rubella
Propolis saligna
Propolis sorbina
Propolis strobilina
Propolis transversalis
Propolis versicolor
Propolis viridis
Propolis weirii

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