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46 definitions found for Prionocera

Prionocera belongs to:

Prionocera consists of:
Prionocera abscondita
Prionocera absentiva
Prionocera anceps
Prionocera anderi
Prionocera bergrothi
Prionocera broweriana
Prionocera byersi
Prionocera chosenicola
Prionocera churchiliana
Prionocera churchilliana
Prionocera cryptica
Prionocera diana
Prionocera dimidiata
Prionocera electa
Prionocera fulvicauda
Prionocera gracilistyla
Prionocera hybrida
Prionocera lackschewitzi
Prionocera lapponica
Prionocera mannheimsi
Prionocera naskapi
Prionocera ominosa
Prionocera oregonica
Prionocera oslari
Prionocera parrii
Prionocera primoveris
Prionocera prominens
Prionocera proxima
Prionocera pubescens
Prionocera recta
Prionocera ringdahli
Prionocera rostellata
Prionocera serenicola
Prionocera serricornis
Prionocera setosa
Prionocera sordida
Prionocera subserricornis
Prionocera subturcica
Prionocera tenuipes
Prionocera tjederi
Prionocera turcica
Prionocera uinticola
Prionocera unimicra
Prionocera woodorum

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