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42 definitions found for Polyporellus

Polyporellus belongs to:

Polyporellus consists of:
Polyporellus agariceus
Polyporellus albulus
Polyporellus alveolaris
Polyporellus alveolarius
Polyporellus badius
Polyporellus brumalis
Polyporellus ciliatus
Polyporellus dilatatus
Polyporellus elegans
Polyporellus fissus
Polyporellus fuscidulus
Polyporellus grammocephalus
Polyporellus hemicapnodes
Polyporellus hirsutus
Polyporellus hirtus
Polyporellus incendiarius
Polyporellus infernalis
Polyporellus lepideus
Polyporellus leptocephalus
Polyporellus magnoporus
Polyporellus melanopus
Polyporellus miniatus
Polyporellus obovatus
Polyporellus petalodes
Polyporellus picipes
Polyporellus radicatus
Polyporellus rhizophilus
Polyporellus rostkovii
Polyporellus rubricus
Polyporellus squamatus
Polyporellus squamosus
Polyporellus stereinus
Polyporellus subdealbatus
Polyporellus trigonus
Polyporellus udus
Polyporellus varius
Polyporellus vibecinus

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