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22 definitions found for Phylloporina

Phylloporina belongs to:

Phylloporina consists of:
Phylloporina albicera
Phylloporina atriceps
Phylloporina atrocoerulea
Phylloporina chrysophora
Phylloporina conica
Phylloporina corruscans
Phylloporina epiphylla
Phylloporina fulvella
Phylloporina janeirensis
Phylloporina leptosperma
Phylloporina limbulata
Phylloporina lucida
Phylloporina multipunctata
Phylloporina obducta
Phylloporina octomera
Phylloporina phyllogena
Phylloporina rubentior
Phylloporina rufula
Phylloporina semecarpi
Phylloporina virescens

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