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189 definitions found for Phellinus

Phellinus belongs to:

Phellinus consists of:
Phellinus abietis
Phellinus acontextus
Phellinus adamantinus
Phellinus adhaerens
Phellinus aestriplex
Phellinus albomarginatus
Phellinus allardii
Phellinus alni
Phellinus andinus
Phellinus apiahynus
Phellinus appositus
Phellinus aureobrunneus
Phellinus baccharidis
Phellinus badius
Phellinus bakeri
Phellinus bambusinus
Phellinus bicolor
Phellinus bicuspidatus
Phellinus blytii
Phellinus bolaris
Phellinus bresadolianus
Phellinus caliginosus
Phellinus callimorphus
Phellinus cancriformans
Phellinus carteri
Phellinus caryophylleus
Phellinus caryophylli
Phellinus cavicola
Phellinus cereus
Phellinus cesatii
Phellinus chaetoloma
Phellinus chaquensis
Phellinus chryseus
Phellinus chrysoloma
Phellinus cinchonensis
Phellinus cinereus
Phellinus cinnabarinus
Phellinus coffeatoporus
Phellinus conchatus
Phellinus contiguus
Phellinus crocatus
Phellinus crustosus
Phellinus cryptacanthus
Phellinus cupreus
Phellinus cyclobalanopsis
Phellinus cylindrosporus
Phellinus daedaliformis
Phellinus demidoffii
Phellinus dependens
Phellinus deuteroprunicola
Phellinus discipes
Phellinus dryadeus
Phellinus elegans
Phellinus endapalus
Phellinus erectus
Phellinus everhartii
Phellinus extensus
Phellinus fastuosus
Phellinus ferreus
Phellinus ferrugineofuscus
Phellinus ferrugineovelutinus
Phellinus ferruginosus
Phellinus flavidus
Phellinus flavomarginatus
Phellinus fragrans
Phellinus friesianus
Phellinus gilvoides
Phellinus gilvus
Phellinus grenadensis
Phellinus griseoporus
Phellinus hamatus
Phellinus hartigii
Phellinus himalayensis
Phellinus hippophaeicola
Phellinus hoehnelii
Phellinus igniarius
Phellinus igniarius subsp. fulvus
Phellinus illicicola
Phellinus isabellinus
Phellinus kamahi
Phellinus kawakamii
Phellinus korthalsii
Phellinus laevigatus
Phellinus lichnoides
Phellinus linteus
Phellinus lividus
Phellinus lundellii
Phellinus macgregorii
Phellinus magnosporus
Phellinus maxonii
Phellinus megaloporus
Phellinus melanodermus
Phellinus melanoporus
Phellinus membranaceus
Phellinus merrillii
Phellinus microcystideus
Phellinus minutiporus
Phellinus moritzianus
Phellinus neoquercinus
Phellinus nigricans
Phellinus nigrolimitatus
Phellinus nilgheriensis
Phellinus nothofagi
Phellinus noxius
Phellinus obliquus
Phellinus occidentalis
Phellinus overholtsii
Phellinus pachyphloeus
Phellinus palmicola
Phellinus pappianus
Phellinus pectinatus
Phellinus piceinus
Phellinus pini
Phellinus plebeius
Phellinus poeltii
Phellinus pomaceus
Phellinus populicola
Phellinus prunicola
Phellinus pseudolaevigatus
Phellinus pseudopunctatus
Phellinus pseudosenex
Phellinus punctatiformis
Phellinus punctatus
Phellinus pusillus
Phellinus quercinus
Phellinus reichingeri
Phellinus repandus
Phellinus resinaceus
Phellinus rhabarbarinus
Phellinus rhamni
Phellinus rheicolor
Phellinus rhytiphloeus
Phellinus ribis
Phellinus rickii
Phellinus rimosus
Phellinus robiniae
Phellinus robustus
Phellinus roseocinereus
Phellinus rubriporus
Phellinus rudis
Phellinus rufus
Phellinus salicinus
Phellinus sancti-georgii
Phellinus sanfordii
Phellinus sanjanii
Phellinus sarcitus
Phellinus scaber
Phellinus scleropileatus
Phellinus scruposus
Phellinus senex
Phellinus setulosus
Phellinus sonorae
Phellinus spiculosus
Phellinus spinescens
Phellinus stabulorum
Phellinus subflexibilis
Phellinus sublamaensis
Phellinus sublinteus
Phellinus subolivaceus
Phellinus swieteniae
Phellinus syringeus
Phellinus tabaquilio
Phellinus taxodii
Phellinus texanus
Phellinus torulosus
Phellinus tremulae
Phellinus tricolor
Phellinus trivialis
Phellinus tropicalis
Phellinus troyanus
Phellinus tuberculosus
Phellinus umbrinellus
Phellinus uncinatus
Phellinus ussuriensis
Phellinus valenzuelianus
Phellinus versatilis
Phellinus violascens
Phellinus viticola
Phellinus wahlbergii
Phellinus weirianus
Phellinus weirii
Phellinus xeranticus
Phellinus yamanoi
Phellinus yucatanensis

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