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23 definitions found for Phaeophyscia

Phaeophyscia belongs to:

Phaeophyscia consists of:
Phaeophyscia adiastola
Phaeophyscia cernohorskyi
Phaeophyscia ciliata
Phaeophyscia constipata
Phaeophyscia decolor
Phaeophyscia endococcina
Phaeophyscia endococcinodes
Phaeophyscia endophoenicea
Phaeophyscia erythrocardia
Phaeophyscia fumosa
Phaeophyscia hirsuta
Phaeophyscia hirtella
Phaeophyscia hispidula
Phaeophyscia imbricata
Phaeophyscia insignis
Phaeophyscia kairamoi
Phaeophyscia leana
Phaeophyscia nigricans
Phaeophyscia orbicularis
Phaeophyscia pusilloides
Phaeophyscia rubropulchra
Phaeophyscia sciastra

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