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58 definitions found for Periconia

Periconia belongs to:

Periconia consists of:
Periconia abietina
Periconia abyssa
Periconia algeriana
Periconia alternata
Periconia atra
Periconia atropurpurea
Periconia azaleae
Periconia brassicaecola
Periconia britannica
Periconia byssoides
Periconia calycioides
Periconia cambrensis
Periconia chlorocephala
Periconia circinata
Periconia clitoriae
Periconia cookei
Periconia curta
Periconia digitata
Periconia echinochloae
Periconia felina
Periconia funerea
Periconia fusca
Periconia genistae
Periconia glaucocephala
Periconia glyceriicola
Periconia hispidula
Periconia igniaria
Periconia laminella
Periconia lateralis
Periconia lichenoides
Periconia macrospinosa
Periconia manihoticola
Periconia minutissima
Periconia nana
Periconia narsapurensis
Periconia nigrella
Periconia paludosa
Periconia persicae
Periconia phillipsii
Periconia phycomyces
Periconia prolifica
Periconia pycnospora
Periconia sahariana
Periconia saraswatipurensis
Periconia shyamala
Periconia sphaerophila
Periconia stemonites
Periconia subulata
Periconia tenuissima
Periconia typhicola
Periconia velutina

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