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68 definitions found for Perenniporia

Perenniporia belongs to:

Perenniporia consists of:
Perenniporia adnata
Perenniporia ahmadii
Perenniporia albida
Perenniporia albocinnamomea
Perenniporia amylodextrinoidea
Perenniporia amylohypha
Perenniporia aurantiaca
Perenniporia centrali-africana
Perenniporia chromatica
Perenniporia clelandii
Perenniporia compacta
Perenniporia corticola
Perenniporia decurrata
Perenniporia detritus
Perenniporia dipterocarpicola
Perenniporia ellisiana
Perenniporia elongata
Perenniporia fergusii
Perenniporia ferruginea
Perenniporia fissiliformis
Perenniporia fraxinea
Perenniporia fraxinophila
Perenniporia glaucopora
Perenniporia gomezii
Perenniporia hexagonoides
Perenniporia inflexibilis
Perenniporia isabellina
Perenniporia maackiae
Perenniporia malvena
Perenniporia marmorata
Perenniporia martii
Perenniporia medulla-panis
Perenniporia micropora
Perenniporia minutissima
Perenniporia minutula
Perenniporia mundula
Perenniporia narymica
Perenniporia neofulva
Perenniporia nigrescens
Perenniporia ochroleuca
Perenniporia ohiensis
Perenniporia oviformis
Perenniporia pauciskeletalis
Perenniporia penangiana
Perenniporia phloiophila
Perenniporia piperis
Perenniporia robiniophila
Perenniporia roseoisabellina
Perenniporia rosmarini
Perenniporia semistipitata
Perenniporia stipitata
Perenniporia straminea
Perenniporia straminella
Perenniporia subacida
Perenniporia subadusta
Perenniporia subaurantiaca
Perenniporia subcretacea
Perenniporia tenuis
Perenniporia tepeitensis
Perenniporia tephropora
Perenniporia tropicalis
Perenniporia unita
Perenniporia voeltzkowii

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