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28 definitions found for Papulaspora

Papulaspora belongs to:

Papulaspora consists of:
Papulaspora anomala
Papulaspora appendicularis
Papulaspora aspera
Papulaspora aspergilliformis
Papulaspora brachiata
Papulaspora byssina
Papulaspora candida
Papulaspora coprophila
Papulaspora dodgei
Papulaspora equi
Papulaspora gladioli
Papulaspora halima
Papulaspora immersa
Papulaspora irregularis
Papulaspora pallidula
Papulaspora pannosa
Papulaspora parasitica
Papulaspora pisicola
Papulaspora polyspora
Papulaspora pulmonaria
Papulaspora rubida
Papulaspora sepedonioides
Papulaspora thermophila
Papulaspora viridis

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