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50 definitions found for Orbilia

Orbilia belongs to:

Orbilia consists of:
Orbilia acuum
Orbilia alnea
Orbilia arctica
Orbilia arundinacea
Orbilia aurantiorubra
Orbilia auricolor
Orbilia calochroa
Orbilia cardui
Orbilia chrysocoma
Orbilia chrysocoma var. microspora
Orbilia coccinella
Orbilia comma
Orbilia cruenta
Orbilia curvatispora
Orbilia cyathea
Orbilia delicatula
Orbilia epipora
Orbilia eucalypti
Orbilia euonymi
Orbilia fimicoloides
Orbilia flexuosa
Orbilia inflatula
Orbilia lacustris
Orbilia lasia
Orbilia leightonii
Orbilia leucostigma
Orbilia luteorubella
Orbilia luzularum
Orbilia marina
Orbilia minutissima
Orbilia occulta
Orbilia pellucida
Orbilia primulae
Orbilia rectispora
Orbilia retrusa
Orbilia rubella
Orbilia rubicola
Orbilia sarraziniana
Orbilia scotica
Orbilia subcarnea
Orbilia subinflatula
Orbilia succinea
Orbilia ulcerata
Orbilia vinosa
Orbilia xanthostigma

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