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195 definitions found for Opegrapha

Opegrapha belongs to:

Opegrapha consists of:
Opegrapha abbreviata
Opegrapha abietina
Opegrapha abscondita
Opegrapha acharii
Opegrapha actophila
Opegrapha agelaeina
Opegrapha agelaeoides
Opegrapha amphotera
Opegrapha amylacea
Opegrapha anomala
Opegrapha areniseda
Opegrapha astroidea
Opegrapha atra
Opegrapha atra var. astroidea
Opegrapha atricolor
Opegrapha atrula
Opegrapha australiensis
Opegrapha betulina
Opegrapha bonplandii var. bonplandii
Opegrapha brevis
Opegrapha calcarea
Opegrapha centrifuga
Opegrapha cerasi
Opegrapha cerebrina
Opegrapha cesareensis
Opegrapha chevallieri
Opegrapha chlorina
Opegrapha chloroconia
Opegrapha cinerea
Opegrapha conferta
Opegrapha confluens
Opegrapha contexta
Opegrapha corticola
Opegrapha crassa
Opegrapha decandollei
Opegrapha demutata
Opegrapha dendritica
Opegrapha denigrata
Opegrapha devulgata
Opegrapha diaphora
Opegrapha diaphoriza
Opegrapha didyma
Opegrapha dilleniana
Opegrapha diplasiospora
Opegrapha dispersa
Opegrapha dolomitica
Opegrapha dubia
Opegrapha ectolechiacearum
Opegrapha elegans
Opegrapha endlicheri
Opegrapha epipasta
Opegrapha epiporina
Opegrapha exaltata
Opegrapha faginea
Opegrapha filicina
Opegrapha foreaui
Opegrapha fumosa
Opegrapha fuscella
Opegrapha galactites
Opegrapha glaucomaria
Opegrapha gregaria
Opegrapha grossulina
Opegrapha grumulosa
Opegrapha gyrocarpa
Opegrapha hapalea
Opegrapha hapaleoides
Opegrapha herbarum
Opegrapha herpetica
Opegrapha hiascens
Opegrapha horistica
Opegrapha hutchinsiae
Opegrapha hysteriiformis
Opegrapha illecebrosa
Opegrapha impolita
Opegrapha inalbescens
Opegrapha interveniens
Opegrapha intrusa
Opegrapha inusta
Opegrapha involuta
Opegrapha lacteella
Opegrapha lambinonii
Opegrapha lamyi
Opegrapha leightonii
Opegrapha lentiginosa
Opegrapha lentiginosula
Opegrapha leptocarpa
Opegrapha leptocarpoides
Opegrapha leptoplacella
Opegrapha leucina
Opegrapha lichenoides
Opegrapha lithyrga
Opegrapha lithyrga var. confluens
Opegrapha lithyrgodes
Opegrapha luzonensis
Opegrapha lyellii
Opegrapha lyncea
Opegrapha macularis
Opegrapha mediella
Opegrapha megagonidia
Opegrapha melanophthalma
Opegrapha microcarpella
Opegrapha minutula
Opegrapha mirifica
Opegrapha monspeliensis
Opegrapha mougeotii
Opegrapha multipuncta
Opegrapha nimbosa
Opegrapha niveoatra
Opegrapha notha
Opegrapha nothiza
Opegrapha obscura
Opegrapha ochrocheila
Opegrapha parallela
Opegrapha parasitica
Opegrapha paraxanthodes
Opegrapha paupercula
Opegrapha persoonii
Opegrapha pertusariicola
Opegrapha peruviana
Opegrapha petraea
Opegrapha physciaria
Opegrapha platygraphoides
Opegrapha plurilocularis
Opegrapha premnea
Opegrapha prosiliens
Opegrapha prosodea
Opegrapha prosodeoides
Opegrapha protuberans
Opegrapha pseudovaria
Opegrapha puiggarii
Opegrapha pulicaris
Opegrapha pulverulenta
Opegrapha pulvinata
Opegrapha quassiae
Opegrapha quercina
Opegrapha radiata
Opegrapha recta
Opegrapha rimalis
Opegrapha rimata
Opegrapha rimosa
Opegrapha rotunda
Opegrapha rubefacta
Opegrapha rubella var. viridis
Opegrapha rubescens
Opegrapha rufescens
Opegrapha rugosa
Opegrapha ruiziana
Opegrapha rupestris
Opegrapha saxatilis
Opegrapha saxicola
Opegrapha saxigena
Opegrapha saxigena var. trochodes
Opegrapha scripta var. abietina
Opegrapha semicincta
Opegrapha serpentina
Opegrapha siderella
Opegrapha signata
Opegrapha sorediifera
Opegrapha sororiella
Opegrapha spadicea
Opegrapha sphaerophoricola
Opegrapha staurothelicola
Opegrapha stellata
Opegrapha stenocarpa
Opegrapha strigulae
Opegrapha subelevata
Opegrapha subfarinosa
Opegrapha subsiderella
Opegrapha swartziana
Opegrapha taxicola
Opegrapha tesserata
Opegrapha thelotrematis
Opegrapha tridens
Opegrapha turneri
Opegrapha varia
Opegrapha venosa
Opegrapha vermicellifera
Opegrapha viridis
Opegrapha vulgata
Opegrapha vulgata f. stenocarpa
Opegrapha vulgata var. parallela
Opegrapha vulgata var. siderella
Opegrapha vulgata var. subsiderella
Opegrapha xanthodes
Opegrapha xerica
Opegrapha zonata
Opegrapha zwackhii

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