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25 definitions found for Nephasoma

Nephasoma belongs to:

Nephasoma consists of:
Nephasoma abyssorum
Nephasoma bulbosum
Nephasoma capilleforme
Nephasoma confusum
Nephasoma constricticervix
Nephasoma constrictum
Nephasoma cutleri
Nephasoma diaphanes
Nephasoma eremita
Nephasoma filiforme
Nephasoma flagriferum
Nephasoma laetmophilum
Nephasoma lilljeborgi
Nephasoma marinki
Nephasoma minutum
Nephasoma multiaraneusa
Nephasoma novaezealandiae
Nephasoma pellucidum
Nephasoma rimicola
Nephasoma rutilofuscum
Nephasoma schuettei
Nephasoma tasmaniense
Nephasoma vitjazi
Nephasoma wodjanizkii

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