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22 definitions found for Myxotrichum

Myxotrichum belongs to:

Myxotrichum consists of:
Myxotrichum aeruginosum
Myxotrichum berkeleyi
Myxotrichum brunneum
Myxotrichum cancellatum
Myxotrichum carminoparum
Myxotrichum chartarum
Myxotrichum conjugatum
Myxotrichum deflexum
Myxotrichum herbariense
Myxotrichum ochraceum
Myxotrichum racovitzae
Myxotrichum resinae
Myxotrichum setosum
Myxotrichum spinosum
Myxotrichum stipitatum
Myxotrichum striatisporum
Myxotrichum striatosporum
Myxotrichum thaxteri
Myxotrichum uncinatum

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